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GloryBee Foods Conveys Ingredients Having Disparate Particle Sizes And Bulk Densities Without Separating Blends

Flexicon Corporation

GloryBee Foods, founded in 1975 as a one-man operation selling honey, is a leading manufacturer and distributor of organic food products. The family-run business still sells honey and other liquid sweeteners, but it also markets a broad assortment of spices, herbs, trail mixes, flours, grains, baking mixtures, rice, beans, pasta and other dry bulk foods. The diverse product line requires the operation to convey bulk materials having dissimilar particle sizes, bulk densities and flow characteristics to a filling machine—undamaged and with no separation of blended products.

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The Benefits of Horizontal Motion Conveying Bulk Products

Triple/S Dynamic

Nearly a century ago, horizontal motion conveyors began making an appearance in the mining industry. As early as the 1930’s, companies such as Overstrom and Sons (which would eventually become Triple/S Dynamics) were manufacturing drives that generated a slow-advance/quick-return motion. These devices would become the basis for today’s horizontal motion conveyors. Also known as “differential motion” conveyors, these early machines employed complicated drives involving cams, gears, and rotating elements, all of which negatively impacted their overall reliability.

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by Jay Sullivan President