SaltWorks Inc.

About Us

SaltWorks is passionate about salt from the purity of water sources to processes and packaging. This commitment to excellence led to advancements in smoked sea salts, flavor-infused salts and our Optically Clean Technology. SaltWorks is SQF Level 2 certified. All salts are certified kosher, clean label ready, and allergen free.

Year Established


Trade Names

Ancient Ocean® Himalayan Pink Salt
Artisan Salt Company®
Bonfire® Extra Bold Smoked Salt
El Dorado® Mesquite Smoked Salt
Fusion® Naturally Flavored Sea Salt
Hellfire® Habanero Smoked Salt
Mediterra® Mediterranean Sea Salt
Pacific Blue® Kosher Flake Salt
Pure Ocean® Atlantic Sea Salt
Snowflake® Pacific NorthWest Sea Salt