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Buhler Inc.


P.O. Box 9497
Minneapolis, MN 55440


(763) 847-9900


(763) 847-9911




Michael Ehr, Manager Extruded Products

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B├╝hler specializes in the design and manufacture of processing systems for the food industry. Our market-leading dryers, ovens, roasters, toasters and coolers process a variety of products such as pasta, cereal, snacks, nuts, and seeds. Offering complete mechanical and electrical engineering, along with plant design from concept to installation and customer support long after implementation.

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  • Air Classifiers see also Destoners
  • Bag Filling Machines see also Filling Machines
  • Bin Dischargers, Vibrating
  • Bins, Stationary (Bulk Storage) see also Hoppers; Tanks
  • Cereal & Snack Food Equipment
  • Chains, Conveyor, Metal
  • Computer Systems, Process Control or Closed Loop
  • Consulting Services
  • Control Systems & Panels
  • Conveyors, Belt
  • Conveyors, Bucket
  • Conveyors, Chain
  • Conveyors, Drag Chain
  • Conveyors, Elevating
  • Conveyors, Flight
  • Conveyors, Pneumatic see also Pneumatic Conveying Components
  • Conveyors, Screw see also Timing Screws
  • Conveyors, Vibratory
  • Cookers (Other Than Below)
  • Coolers, Belt
  • Coolers, Fluidizing
  • Custom Equipment
  • Custom Metal Fabrication, Custom Processing
  • Cyclones
  • Destoners
  • Dryers, Conveyor
  • Dryers, Drum
  • Dryers, Fluidizing
  • Dryers, Rotary
  • Dust Collectors see also Air Curtains; Air Scrubbers; Dust Separators; Filters
  • Dust Separators see also Air Scrubbers; Filter Equipment; Filters
  • Elevators, Belt
  • Elevators, Bucket (For Loose Product) see also Conveyors
  • Engineers/Builders (Complete Food Plants & Process Systems)
  • Extruders, Continuous Cooking
  • Extruders, Forming & Shaping
  • Extruders, Pasta & Macaroni
  • Extruders, Twin Screw
  • Feeders, Dry Products, Gravimetric
  • Feeders, Dry Products, Oscillating
  • Feeders, Dry Products, Screw
  • Feeders, Dry Products, Vibratory
  • Feeders, Dry Products, Volumetric
  • Feeders, Rotary Airlocks
  • Filter Bags
  • Flowmeters, Strain Gauges
  • Formers, Extruders
  • Graders/Sorters see also Color Sorters
  • Homogenizers
  • Hoppers, Metering
  • Hullers
  • Laboratory Sieves see also Screens
  • Macaroni & Noodle Processing Equipment
  • Magnetic Separators
  • Milling, Specialized Equipment
  • Mixers, Batch
  • Mixers, Blending Liquid Additives Into Dry Solids
  • Mixers, Dispersers
  • Mixers, Helical
  • Mixers, Paddle see also Conches
  • Mixers, Propeller see also Drum Mixers
  • Mixers, Ribbon Blender
  • Mixing Systems, Automatic Batch
  • Pneumatic Conveying Components, Airlocks
  • Pneumatic Conveying Components, Diverter Gates
  • Pneumatic Conveying Components, Exhausters
  • Pneumatic Conveying Components, Valves
  • Proportioners, Batch, Solid
  • Proportioners, Continuous, Solid
  • Roasters, Continuous
  • Roasters, Fluidized Bed
  • Roasters (Other than below)
  • Samplers, On-Line, Powder & Granular
  • Scales, Automatic Checkweigher
  • Scales, Industrial
  • Screening Equipment, Gyratory
  • Screening Equipment, Reciprocating
  • Screening Equipment, Rotating Cylinder
  • Screening Equipment, Vibrating
  • Size Reduction Equipment, Comminutors
  • Size Reduction Equipment, Grinders, Granulators see also Grinders, Cryogenic
  • Size Reduction Equipment, Hammermills
  • Size Reduction Equipment, Impact Mills
  • Size Reduction Equipment, Lump Breakers
  • Size Reduction Equipment, Pulverizers see also Pulpers
  • Size Reduction Equipment, Roller Mills
  • Tortilla Flour & Corn Equipment
  • Valve Bag Packing Machines
  • Weigh-Feeders see also Scales, Conveyor