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Marlen International Inc.


4780 N.W. 41st St., Ste 100
Riverside, MO 64150


(913) 888-3333


(913) 888-6440




Doug Vogelsmeier, Product Line Mgr.

Company Description:

Marlen International is recognized as a worldwide leader in designing and building food processing equipment for a variety of products including meat, poultry, and fish. Marlen International products are used for pumping, portioning, filling, dicing, grinding, slicing, shredding, chilling and cooking food.

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Registered Brands & Trademarks:

  • Combovac Vacuumizing Stuffer
  • COV Portioners
  • Opti Series of Pumps
  • V750 Extruder
  • Vari-Kut In-Line Grinders

Sales Offices/Brokers/Distributors:

  • MO Marlen Intl. Inc.
    4780 N.W. 41st St., Ste. 100, Riverside, MO, 64150 US
    (913) 888-3333,,, Jarrod McCarroll


  • Aseptic Processing Systems
  • Chillers, Brine
  • Chillers, Hot Dog/Frankfurters
  • Cookers, Continuous
  • Cutting Machines, Dicers see also Size Reduction Equipment
  • Dumpers, Bin
  • Extruders, Forming & Shaping
  • Filling Machines, Viscous, Net Weight
  • Filling Machines, Viscous, Positive Displacement
  • Filling Machines, Viscous, Pressure
  • Filling Machines, Viscous, Vacuum
  • Filling Machines, Viscous, Volumetric
  • Floor Drains see also Trench Drains
  • Formers, Depositors
  • Formers, Moulders see also Meat Presses
  • Meat Presses (To Produce Formed Steaks & Chops) see also Ham Presses
  • Meat Stuffing Devices & Systems
  • Ovens, Gas Fired, Forced Circulation
  • Ovens, Rack
  • Ovens, Steam
  • Pizza Topping Equipment
  • Poultry Processing Equipment
  • Pumps, Aseptic
  • Pumps, Grinder
  • Pumps, Piston
  • Pumps, Positive Displacement
  • Pumps, Vacuum, Mechanical
  • Size Reduction Equipment, Grinders, Granulators see also Grinders, Cryogenic
  • Slicer, Applicator
  • Smokehouses
  • Steam Injectors see also Heat Exchangers
  • Stuffers, Hydraulic
  • Stuffers, Vacuum
  • Tanks, Stainless Steel
  • Trench Drains see also Floor Drains