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Magnum Systems


1250 Seminary
Kansas City, KS 66103-2599


(913) 362-1710

(800) 748-7000


(913) 362-7863



Brad Schultz, Sales Mgr.; Gary Saunders, Pres./CEO

Company Description:

Taylor Products and Smoot are divisions of Magnum Systems. This relationship offers over 90 years of experience, application knowledge, and expertise in material handling, pneumatic conveying, and automated packaging lines.

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  • Bag Feeding & Closing Machines
  • Bag Filling Machines see also Filling Machines
  • Bag Form Fill & Sealers, Horizontal Machines
  • Bag Form Fill & Sealers, Vertical Machines
  • Bag Forming & Closing Machines
  • Bag Loading Machinery, Automatic
  • Bag Opening Machines
  • Bag Sealing Machines
  • Bag Unloading Machines
  • Bins, Stationary (Bulk Storage) see also Hoppers; Tanks
  • Blowers & Fans see also Pneumatic Conveying Components
  • Bulk Container Liners see also Liners
  • Checkweighers, Conveyor, In-Line see also Scales
  • Consulting Services
  • Containers, Bulk
  • Conveyors, Pneumatic Power
  • Conveyors, Pneumatic see also Pneumatic Conveying Components
  • Conveyors, Truck Loading
  • Conveyors, Vacuum
  • Couplings, Pipe see also Fittings; Piping & Tubing
  • Cyclones
  • Diverters see also Cylinders; Conveyors, Converging & Dividing Machinery
  • Dust Collectors see also Air Curtains; Air Scrubbers; Dust Separators; Filters
  • Feeders, Dry Products, Loss-in-Weight
  • Feeders, Dry Products, Screw
  • Feeders, Dry Products, Volumetric
  • Feeders, Dry Products, Weighbelt see also Weigh Feeders; Proportioners
  • Feeders, Rotary Airlocks
  • Fillers, Bag & Pouch
  • Fillers, Form, Fill, Seal
  • Filling Machines, Dry Product, Gross Weight
  • Filling Machines, Dry Product, Net Weight
  • Filling Machines, Dry Product, Semi-Bulk
  • Filter Bags
  • Heat Sealing Machines, Ultrasonic
  • Palletizing & Unitizing Machinery, Bags
  • Pneumatic Controls
  • Pneumatic Conveying Components, Airlocks
  • Pneumatic Conveying Components, Blowers
  • Pneumatic Conveying Components, Diverter Gates
  • Pneumatic Conveying Components, Exhausters
  • Pneumatic Conveying Components, Quick Acting Couplings
  • Pneumatic Conveying Components, Valves
  • Railroad Cars, Bulk Solids, Connectors, Under Track, Conveyor to Car Hopper
  • Scales, Automatic Checkweigher
  • Scales, Net Weighing, Loose Product see also Filling Machines
  • Silos
  • Storage Systems, Conveyor
  • Valve Bag Packing Machines
  • Valves, Dry Bulk Solids (Powders etc.)
  • Valves, Industrial, Butterfly
  • Valves, Industrial, Diaphragm
  • Valves, Industrial, Gate
  • Valves, Pneumatic Actuated
  • Valves, Sanitary, Ball
  • Valves, Sanitary, Flow Diversion
  • Valves, Sanitary, Gate
  • Vibrators (To Assist Flow of Powders)
  • Weighing Systems see also Scales; Tank Weighing Systems