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Company Information:


Friesen's Inc.


1389 Cormorant Ave.
Detroit Lakes, MN 56501


(218) 844-4437


(218) 844-0358




Ken Moncrief, V.P. Sales and Marketing; Brett Friesen, Pres.

Company Description:

We design, manufacture, and install integrated systems to "washdown" environments. Individual product lines consist of transport with controls for raw, packaged and case goods, checkweighers, labelers, case and bag settlers.


Catalog Pages:


  • Bag Flatteners
  • Belt Washers
  • Chains, Case Conveyor
  • Chains, Conveyor, Metal
  • Chains, Conveyor, Plastic
  • Chains, Stainless Steel
  • Checkweighers, Conveyor, In-Line see also Scales
  • Conveyors, Accumulating, Containers see also Conveyors
  • Conveyors, Accumulating, Palletload
  • Conveyors, Apron, Slat
  • Conveyors, Belt
  • Conveyors, Bucket
  • Conveyors, Elevating
  • Conveyors, Flight
  • Conveyors, Pack-Off
  • Conveyors, Roller
  • Conveyors, Spreader/Converger
  • Conveyors, Trough-Belt
  • Conveyors, Turning, Dead Plate
  • Conveyors, Turning, Live Plate
  • Conveyors, Wire Mesh
  • Conveyors, Wire Mesh, Turning
  • Cylinders, Custom
  • Cylinders, Hydraulic Actuators
  • Cylinders, Stainless Steel
  • Cylinders, Stainless Steel, Food Grade
  • Hydraulic Control & Power Systems see also Cylinders; Drives; Motors; Pumps; Valves; etc.
  • Hydraulic Fluid Filtration Systems
  • Label Dispensing Machines see also Tape Dispensing Machines
  • Labeling Machines, Gummed Back Labels
  • Labeling Machines, Pressure Sensitive
  • Labeling Machines, Wrap-Around
  • Label Printing Machines see also Coders, Dater & Imprinters
  • Scales, Automatic Checkweigher
  • Scales, Printers
  • Scales, Weight Printing
  • Tables & Counters, Stainless Steel
  • Tanks, Stainless Steel
  • Turntables
  • Weigh-Feeders see also Scales, Conveyor