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Artiste Flavor/Essence Inc.
139 Harristown Rd., Glen Rock, NJ, UNITED STATES 
Ashland Specialty Ingredients
8145 Blazer Dr., Wilmington, DE, UNITED STATES 
2730 Naples Ave. S.W., Ste. 104, Iowa City, IA, UNITED STATES 
Assured Organics Inc.
17 Hillcrest View, Hartsdale, NY, UNITED STATES 
Astral Extracts Ltd.
150 Eileen Way, Unit 6, Syosset, NY, UNITED STATES 
11811 N.E. First St., Ste. A101, Bellevue, WA, UNITED STATES 
Atlanta Nut Co. Inc.
2999 Amwiler Rd., Atlanta, GA, UNITED STATES 
Autocrat LLC
10 Blackstone Valley Place, Lincoln, RI, UNITED STATES 
Automation Products Inc.
3030 Maxroy St., Houston, TX, UNITED STATES 
Avatar Corp.
500 Central Ave., University Park, IL, UNITED STATES 
P.O. Box 15, Veendam, NETHERLANDS 
Avery Filter Co. Inc.
99 Kinderamack Rd., Ste. 209, Westwood, NJ, UNITED STATES 
Avri Companies Inc.
1080 Essex Ave., Richmond, CA, UNITED STATES 
Avron Resources Inc.
1082 Essex Ave., Richmond, CA, UNITED STATES 
Azteca Milling LP
1159 Cottonwood Ln., Ste. 100, Irving, TX, UNITED STATES 
B&G Foods Inc.
4 Gatehall Dr., Ste. 110, Parsippany, NJ, UNITED STATES 
B&J Chemical Co.
No.43 Donghai Western Rd., Qingdao, CHINA 
Balchem Corp.
52 Sunrise Park Rd., New Hampton, NY, UNITED STATES 
Baldwin Richardson Foods
20201 S. Lagrange Rd., Ste. 200, Frankfort, IL, UNITED STATES 
Ballas Egg Products Corp.
40 N. 2nd St., Zanesville, OH, UNITED STATES