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A Look Inside Our Newest Global Innovation Center

October 4, 2021
CP Kelco Innovation Center

“With our new innovation center, we’ve invested significantly in our commitment to provide a world-class customer experience and deliver on our brand promise of ‘Unlocking Nature-Powered Success’ through innovation and problem-solving. We’re excited about taking our global capabilities to a new level and further exploring the possibilities presented by key trends and growth opportunities – all with a sharp focus on meeting the evolving needs of our customers and consumers, today and into the future.”
– Didier Viala, President of CP Kelco

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As part of CP Kelco’s growing network of innovation and technical support facilities around the world, we recently launched our newest global innovation center in Atlanta. This open, collaborative space was designed for scientists and customers alike to engage in ingredient research, problem-solving, development and pilot plant scale-up of food, beverage, home care, personal care and other consumer and industrial products. We’re excited to share an inside look at this new space.

CP Kelco Scientists

Collaboration was an important consideration when designing the new innovation center, as we wanted to create a space that fosters and inspires an environment of creativity and ideation. Our customers are passionate and intent on staying ahead of industry trends and desire partners who are highly skilled and can help them through the product development process – we’ve built the new innovation center with this in mind. When we’re collaborating with our customers to solve their formulation challenges and discover new applications and custom solutions, the possibilities are endless.

Some great features of our 24,000 square-foot innovation center:

CP Kelco Patent Wall

Our patent wall showcasing our patents from around the world.

  • Labs devoted to microbiology, fermentation science, R & D, and consumer and industrial applications development
  • A food and beverage pilot plant to support customers with production scale-up
  • A sensory evaluation space to conduct sensory studies to better understand customer preferences
  • A large chef’s kitchen to develop and test recipes featuring our nature-based ingredients
  • Open meeting spaces that encourage collaboration and can be customized for various events

Staffed with a team of more than 20 scientists and application specialists, the new center is open for customer visits and working sessions, in accordance with all recommended guidelines from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

We’re excited to welcome new and existing customers to the new innovation center to see our capabilities firsthand and collaborate with us.