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About Food Master

Food Master is a cornerstone of the food and beverage industry. Since 1978, Food Master has been the only database sourcing Equipment, Supplies and Services for manufacturers and engineers as well as Ingredients and R&D Services for product developers.
Food Master is available in a hardbound printed edition, digital edition and online.

The hardbound copy continues to be widely used. Share the hardbound copy with colleagues and reach for it on a regular basis to reference your buying needs.

If you’d like to order a hardbound edition of the current Food Master, please contact:
Ann Kalb

More and more buyers are turning to the digital edition Food Master. It’s a complete replica of the printed edition and always easily accessible.

To receive the digital edition Food Master, you must be a Prepared Foods or Food Engineering subscriber. If you are not a subscriber or would like to renew your subscription, please follow one or both of these links:

Food Engineering Subscriptions

Prepared Foods Subscriptions

You’re here! Save FoodMaster.com as one of your favorites to search for, reference and contact suppliers frequently.

While you’re here, enjoy these features:
  • Request Information Program: an easy way to send a single request to multiple suppliers
  • Catalog Index: a collection of all of the Food Master catalog pages in one spot
  • Search by Equipment or Ingredient Categories or be more specific and search by Sub-categories

Listing & Cataloger Packages

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