Company Information:


Elmark Packaging Inc.


901-J S. Bolmar St.
West Chester, PA 19382


(610) 692-2455

(800) 670-9688


(610) 692-8793




Jim Woodend, Gen. Mgr.; Christine, Cust. Serv.

Company Description:

Elmark supplies self-adhesive label application equipment: semi-automatic, fully automatic, and custom, including systems. Other products include Biodegradable Void Fill Air Pillows, on and off line printing, coding, and marking equipment: high resolution ink jet, thermal transfer, hot stamp, laser, wet and dry ink, and ink jet and the appropriate supplies for each. Also die-cut printed and plain self-adhesive roll labels produced by our two plants. Case taping

Registered Brands & Trademarks:

  • Mini-Pro Labeling Equipment


  • Bar Code Printer/Applicators see also Coders Daters & Imprinters
  • Can End Printing Equipment
  • Case Closing Machinery
  • Case Printing Equipment see also Bar Code Printer/Applicators; Coders, Daters & Imprinters
  • Case Sealing Machinery, Tape see also Tape Applying Machines
  • Closures, Bag, Clips
  • Closures, Secondary Machines To Apply The Closures
  • Coders, Daters & Imprinters, Embossed
  • Coders, Daters & Imprinters, Friction-Driven
  • Coders, Daters & Imprinters, Hot Stamping
  • Coders, Daters & Imprinters, Ink & Ink Cartridge
  • Coders, Daters & Imprinters, Laser
  • Coders, Daters & Imprinters, Non-Impact, Ink Jet
  • Coders, Daters & Imprinters, Non-Impact, Thermal & Thermal Transfer
  • Coupon Inserting Or Attaching Machines
  • Dunnage, Inflated Bag
  • Label Dispensing Machines see also Tape Dispensing Machines
  • Label Inspection Equipment
  • Label Printing Machines see also Coders, Dater & Imprinters
  • Label Rewinders