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Urschel Laboratories Inc.


2503 Calumet Ave.
P.O. Box 2200
Valparaiso, IN 46384-2200


(219) 464-4811


(219) 462-3879




Tim O'Brien, V.P. Sales

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Urschel Laboratories Inc. is the global leader in the manufacturing, marketing, and selling of precision high capacity cutting equipment for the food and related industries.

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Registered Brands & Trademarks:

  • Affinity®
  • Comitrol®
  • DiversaCut®
  • DiversaCut Sprint®
  • E TranSlicer®
  • QuantiCut®
  • TranSlicer®
  • TranSlicer 2000®
  • Urschel®


  • Blueberry Processing Equipment
  • Breadstick Equipment
  • Burrito Making Machinery
  • Cereal & Snack Food Equipment
  • Cheese Crumblers
  • Cheese Dicers and Cutters
  • Cheese Shredders and Graters
  • Chips & French Fries Preparation Lines see also Tortilla & Corn Chip Equipment
  • Corn Cutters
  • Cutting Machines, Dicers see also Size Reduction Equipment
  • Cutting Machines, Flakers
  • Cutting Machines, Fluid Jet
  • Cutting Machines, Slicers see also Size Reduction Equipment
  • Emulsifying Equipment see also Homogenizers; Size Reduction Equipment, Colloid Mills
  • Fish Preparation Equipment (Deheaders, Gutters, Scalers, etc.)
  • Homogenizers
  • Hydro-Cutting Systems see also Cutting Machines, Fluid Jet
  • Knife Sharpeners
  • Knives see also Meat Saws, Airknives
  • Masa Processing Equipment
  • Milling, Specialized Equipment
  • Pizza Topping Equipment
  • Poultry Processing Equipment
  • Seafood Preparation Equipment (Cookers, Deheaders, Deveiners, etc.) see also Fish Preparation Equipment (Cookers, Deheaders, Deveiners, etc.)
  • Size Reduction Equipment, Comminutors
  • Size Reduction Equipment, Crumblers
  • Size Reduction Equipment, Dicer
  • Size Reduction Equipment, Fluid Energy Mills
  • Size Reduction Equipment, Graters
  • Size Reduction Equipment, Grinders, Granulators see also Grinders, Cryogenic
  • Size Reduction Equipment, Hammermills
  • Size Reduction Equipment, Impact Mills
  • Size Reduction Equipment, Pulverizers see also Pulpers
  • Size Reduction Equipment, Shredders
  • Size Reduction Equipment, Slicer
  • Testing Services
  • Tortilla & Corn Chip Equipment see also Fryers; Taco Shell Forming & Frying Equipment
  • Used Equipment
  • Yogurt Preparation Equipment