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69 William St.
Belleville, NJ 07109-3196


(973) 759-4600

(800) 822-8629


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Mitch Katz, Reg. Sales Mgr.; Doan Pendleton, V.P.; David Kennedy, Reg. Sales Mgr.

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A pioneer in vacuum pneumatic conveying, VAC-U-MAX specializes in the design and manufacture of pneumatic systems and support equipment for the conveying, weighing, and batching of dry materials. The primary technology for conveying is vacuum, but positive pressure pneumatic systems, as well as mechanical conveyors, are also used as the specific applications dictate. An equally important activity is the design and manufacture of heavy-duty industrial vacuum cleaners, which range from small air and electric-powered drum-styled units to large electric and diesel-powered units.


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  • Aerocon
  • Aeroflex


  • Bag Dump Stations
  • Bag Loading Machinery, Automatic
  • Bag Unloading Machines
  • Bin Activators
  • Bin Dischargers, Vibrating
  • Conveyors, Aero-Mechanical
  • Conveyors, Elevating
  • Conveyors, Flexible
  • Conveyors, Flight
  • Conveyors, Mechanical
  • Conveyors, Mobile
  • Conveyors, Pneumatic Power
  • Conveyors, Pneumatic see also Pneumatic Conveying Components
  • Conveyors, Vacuum
  • Feeders, Dry Products, Gravimetric
  • Feeders, Dry Products, Loss-in-Weight
  • Feeders, Dry Products, Vibratory
  • Feeders, Dry Products, Volumetric
  • Feeders, Dry Products, Weighbelt see also Weigh Feeders; Proportioners
  • Feeders, Rotary Airlocks
  • Filter Equipment, Vacuum
  • Filter Media, Bags
  • Filter Media, Cloth
  • Magnetic Separators
  • Pneumatic Conveying Components, Airlocks
  • Pneumatic Conveying Components, Blowers
  • Pneumatic Conveying Components, Diverter Gates
  • Proportioners, Batch, Solid
  • Scales, Conveyor see also Weigh-Feeders
  • Size Reduction Equipment, Lump Breakers
  • Sludge Conveying & Disposal Equipment
  • Tanks, Steel
  • Vacuum Cleaners, Central Systems
  • Vacuum Cleaners, Portable Units
  • Vacuum Lifters for Material Handling
  • Weigh-Feeders see also Scales, Conveyor
  • Weighing Systems see also Scales; Tank Weighing Systems