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Thermo Fisher Scientific


Process Instruments


501 90th Ave. N.W.
Minneapolis, MN 55433


(763) 783-2500


(763) 783-2591




Tim Cokeley, Sales Mgr.

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Thermo Scientific products provide the total quality control needed to protect brand reputation. Precise measurements eliminate underweight and under-filled packages, while minimizing give-away.

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Registered Brands & Trademarks:

  • APEX®
  • EScan
  • EZx®
  • POWERx®
  • PROx®
  • VersaWeigh®


  • Can Inspection Equipment, On-Line, Height Of Fill
  • Case Inspector, Missing Containers, Gross Under Fill
  • Checkweighers, Bench-Top see also Scales
  • Checkweighers, Conveyor, In-Line see also Scales
  • Cheese Analyzers
  • Conveyor Belt Trippers
  • Conveyors, Converging & Dividing Machinery
  • Cryoscopes see also Butterfat Testers; Ice Cream Analyzers; Milk Analyzers
  • Detectors, Foreign Matter see also Metal Detectors; X-Ray Screening Systems
  • Diverters see also Cylinders; Conveyors, Converging & Dividing Machinery
  • Fat Analyzers, On-Line see also Butterfat Testers on Ingredient Side
  • Fill Height Detectors see also Level Detectors
  • Infrared Analyzers, On-Line
  • Inspection Equipment, Machine Vision (On-Line) see also Bottle Inspectors; Can Inspection Equipment; Checkweighers; Vision Systems
  • Level Indicators & Controllers
  • Macaroni & Noodle Processing Equipment
  • Metal Detectors
  • Moisture Analyzer
  • Moisture Measuring Instruments, On-Line
  • Samplers, On-Line, Powder & Granular
  • Scales, Automatic Checkweigher
  • Scales, Conveyor see also Weigh-Feeders
  • Scales, Digital Computing
  • Scales, Loss-in-Weight
  • Thickness Monitors & Controllers (Of Material in Sheets) see also Physical Testing Instruments
  • Viscometers, On-Line
  • Vision Systems see also Inspection Systems; Laser Equipment; X-Ray Equipment
  • Weigh-Feeders see also Scales, Conveyor
  • Weighing Systems see also Scales; Tank Weighing Systems
  • X-Ray Equipment, Non-Destructive Testing
  • X-Ray Equipment/Automatic Reject of Foreign Particles
  • X-Ray Screening Systems see also Detectors Foreign Matter