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29103 S.W. Kinsman Rd.
Wilsonville, OR 97070


(503) 685-5030


(503) 685-5034




Daniel Luna, V.P.

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Quik-Coat designs and manufactures innovative seasoning and coating equipment for the food industry. The innovative designs are built to provide continuous operation and effortless sanitation in snack, bakery and meat/poultry processing facilities. The Quik-Coat seasoning line includes coating/seasoning drums, dry ingredient dispensers, liquid/oil applicators, salting equipment and a wide range of topping units. Quik-Coat also offers coating equipment for batter and breading applications such as; drum pre-dusters, batter applicators, breading units and batter mixers. All Quik-Coat equipment can be provided with a variety of options such as PLC controls, touch screen operator interface, online weighing systems and many other options. Quik-Coat units can be provided as stand alone units or integrated with thermal, cooling equipment and conveyors from Quik-Coat’s parent company FOODesign Machinery & Systems.

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  • Quik-Coat


  • Breadstick Equipment
  • Cereal & Snack Food Equipment
  • Cheese-Making Systems
  • Cheese Shredders and Graters
  • Chips & French Fries Preparation Lines see also Tortilla & Corn Chip Equipment
  • Coaters, Bottomers
  • Coaters, Breaders
  • Coaters, Dry Feeder-Distributors
  • Coaters, Enrobers
  • Coaters, Pan Greasers
  • Conveyors, Belt
  • Conveyors, Elevating
  • Conveyors, Vibratory
  • Conveyors, Wire Mesh
  • Conveyors, Wire Mesh, Turning
  • Dispensers, Liquid
  • Dispensers, Powders & Granules
  • Drums, Metal
  • Drums, Plastic
  • Feeders, Dry Products, Gravimetric
  • Feeders, Dry Products, Loss-in-Weight
  • Feeders, Dry Products, Oscillating
  • Feeders, Dry Products, Screw
  • Feeders, Dry Products, Vibratory
  • Feeders, Dry Products, Volumetric
  • Feeders, Dry Products, Weighbelt see also Weigh Feeders; Proportioners
  • Feeders, Liquid Product, Loss-in-Weight
  • Feeders, Viscous Materials
  • Mixers, Rotary Drum
  • Salter, Mechanical
  • Salter, Metering, Bed Type
  • Salter, Volumetric, Screw Type
  • Slurry Applicator Systems
  • Smoke Atomizing Equipment, (Liquid Smoke)
  • Taco Shell Forming & Frying Equipment see also Fryers
  • Tortilla & Corn Chip Equipment see also Fryers; Taco Shell Forming & Frying Equipment
  • Tortilla Flour & Corn Equipment
  • Tumblers, Meat
  • Weigh-Feeders see also Scales, Conveyor
  • Weighing Systems see also Scales; Tank Weighing Systems