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Summit Industrial Products


9010 CR 2120
Tyler, TX 75707


(903) 579-9232

(800) 749-5823


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Kent Brandon, V.P. Sales; Ike Trexler, Food & Beverage Mkt Mgr.

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Summit Industrial Products is an industry leader in synthetic lubricant technology for most industrial applications. Founded in 1982, Summit has always believed in a two-fold approach to serving the industries in America and across the world: build the highest quality products and back them with uncompromising customer service. Along with finding solutions to unique lubrication problems, our research staff is constantly evaluating new synthetic-base stocks and additives to provide our customers with the best lubricants technically available. Because Summit Industrial Products is not basic in any particular base-fluid, we are free to choose from all the high-quality options available to formulate the best lubricant for each application. Summit's commitment to an ongoing research and development program keeps its products on the leading edge of lubrication technology. Our plant in Tyler, Texas is ISO 9001:2008 certified and ISO 14001:2004 certified. In January 2005, we became one of the first in our industry to be OHSAS 18001:2007 registered and in 2008, Summit became the first company in North America to be NSF ISO 21469:2006 certified.

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  • Sublime®
  • Summit®


  • Cleaning Compounds, Grease Removal
  • Cleaning Compounds, Scale Removal
  • Hydraulic Fluid
  • Hydraulic Fluid, Approved for Incidental Contact with Food
  • Lubricants, Aerosol
  • Lubricants, Approved for Incidental Contact with Food
  • Lubricants, Bearing
  • Lubricants, Chain
  • Lubricants, Compressor
  • Lubricants, Conveyor
  • Lubricants, Food Surface
  • Lubricants, Freezer
  • Lubricants, Gear
  • Lubricants, General
  • Lubricants, Hydraulic-Pneumatics
  • Lubricants, Motor
  • Lubricants, Oven Chain
  • Lubricants, Pump
  • Lubricants, Synthetic
  • Separators, Oil/Water