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About Us

Family-owned and operated, IFPC has been in the ingredient business for almost half a century. Over the last two generations, the company has grown from a sugar supplier into a national ingredient supplier. Utilizing their 15 distribution centers, IFPC supplies ingredients to companies across the country. IFPC partners with dairies across the country supplying quality ingredients, creating custom solutions, & providing expert advice. Our in-house R&D team is experienced at achieving exceptional texture, taste, and nutrition, all within your processing standards and price. Aviator, our best-in-class manufacturing facility, is GFSI, Kosher, USDA Organic, and Grade A certified with small batch flexibility.
Organic OfferingsTrade Names

Organic Offerings

OrganicChocolate • Cocoa  • Cocoa Powder • Corn Sweeteners & Syrups • Dairy Replacement/Imitation Dairy • Eggs • Fats, Vegetable • Milk Powder, Whole • Oil • Sugar (Sucrose) • Sweetener Blends • Sweeteners, Low- & Zero-Cal • Sweeteners, Nutritive (Caloric) • Vitamins and/or Mineral Blends • Whipped Toppings, Non-Dairy

Trade Names

Dairy House®