Rome Grinding Solutions


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Rome Grinding Solutions
1427 Western Ave.
P.O. Box 186
Sheldon, IA, United States 51201
(800) 443-0557
(712) 324-5394
  1. Cara Godack
    (712) 869-0199
    Dir. of Bus. Dev.

About Us

Production plants in the market for grinding equipment know that they can rely on Rome Grinding Solutions. With grinder options ranging from 6,000 up to 150,000 lbs/hr, Rome helps its customers in the meat, pet food, poultry, produce, and rendering industries address diverse processing requirements. As a specialist in grinder design, Rome builds equipment "to order" in its Midwestern-based manufacturing facility, drawing on 40+ years of experience. When working with Rome Grinding Solutions you benefit from in-house engineering capabilities, expertise in CNC machining technology, in-house tin plating, and optimized turn-around times that are backed by fast, reliable customer and technical service.
Trade Names

Trade Names

Brutus Grinder
Hercules Gearboxes
Maximus Grinder
Rome Reclaim System
Titan Grinders