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About Us

We make conveyors - no job is too big or too small - bottom line. Multi-Conveyor will move, flip, rotate, grip, accumulate, spiral, incline, decline, elevate, escalate, combine, merge, index, sort or whatever your product requires. Multi-Conveyor builds quality and reliability directly into the sanitary, hygienic machinery you demand. We're the country's leading bakery, beverage, bottling, cheese, confectionery, dairy, fish, food, meat, poultry and pet food manufacturing plants best kept secret. Fresh or frozen, rigid or flexible, cans or bottles, from process to case packers and palletizers. Why settle for anything less? 1-800-236-7960 or visit We can help.
Trade Names

Trade Names

Slimi-Fit: Sanitary Low Profile Transfer Conveyors - very cool!
Success Line: Affordable Quick Ship Modular Conveyors