Ciranda Inc.


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About Us

Ciranda supplies bulk organic, non-GMO and fair-trade ingredients with expertise in tapioca and rice syrups; honey and agave; gluten-free flours; tapioca and potato starch; cocoa and chocolate; coconut products; liquid and powdered lecithin; and RSPO sustainable palm oils. The employee-owned company operates from headquarters Wisconsin with distribution across North America.
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Organic Offerings

Organic offerings iconChocolate Liquor (Masse) Unsweetened • Cocoa Butter • Cocoa Powder • Fiber, Maltodextrin, Tapioca • Flour, Gluten Free • Lecithin • Oils, Vegetable, Coconut • Oils, Vegetable, High Oleic • Oils, Vegetable, Palm • Oils, Vegetable, Sunflower • Proteins, Pea • Starches, Organic • Sweeteners, Natural, Brown Rice Syrup • Sweeteners, Natural, Clarified Rice Syrup • Syrups, Tapioca

Trade Names