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About Us

As food and beverage manufacturers respond to consumer desires for ingredients they know and trust, Cargill is here to help its customers rise to the challenge. Cargill assists with product line and brand innovation challenges initiated by consumer and regulatory demands to improve nutritional profiles through sugar reduction, high-quality oils, reduced sodium and other label-friendly ingredients. Cargill provides customers with deep technical knowledge and innovative solutions through responsibly supplied ingredients.
Trade Names

Trade Names

AccuCoat® Modified Starch
AccuFlo® Modified Starch
Actistar™ Resistance Starch
Alberger® brand flake salts
Ambrosia Chocolate®
AmyloGel™ Native Starch
Aubygel™ Carrageenan
BatterCrisp™ Modified Starch
Cargill Dry GL™ Corn Syrup Solids
Cargill Dry MD™ Maltodextrin
Cargill DrySet™ Dextrin
Cargill Gel-Instant™ Native Starch
Cargill Gel™ Native Starch
Cargill Set™ Modified Starch
Cargill Tex-Instant™ Instant Starch
Cargill Tex™ Modified Starch
Cargill® Canola Oil
Cargill® Corn Oil
Cargill® Cottonseed Oil
Cargill® Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Cargill® Non-GMO Soybean Oil
Cargill® Olive Oil
Cargill® Peanut Oil
Cargill® Refined Olive Oil
Cargill® Soybean Oil
Cargill® Sunflower Oil
Cargill® sea salts
Chocotop™ Lecithin
Clean Set™ Native Starch
Clear Valley® all-purpose shortening
Clear Valley® high oleic canola oils
Clear Valley® high oleic oils & shortenings
Clear Valley® high oleic sunflower oil
Clear Valley® omega-3 oil
Cream Gel™ Native Starch
CreamTex™ Modified Starch
Dry Gel™ Native Starch
EZ Fill™ Modified Starch
EmCap-Instant™ Instant Starch
EmCap™ Modified Starch
Emulfluid™ Tailored Fluid Lecithin
Emulpur™ De-oiled Lecithin
Emultop™ De-oiled Lecithin
FlakeSelect® functional system
Gelogen™ Blends
Gerkens Cocoa
HiForm™ Instant Starch
HiForm™ Modified Starch
IsoClear® High Fructose Corn Syrup
Lecigran™ De-oiled Lecithin
Lecimulthin™ De-oiled Lecithin
Leciprime™ Lecithin
Lecisoy™ Lecithin
Lygomme™ Blends
Merckens Chocolate®
Metarin™ Selected Fractionated De-oiled Lecithin
Microsized® salts
Odyssey™ high stability oils
PalmAgility® Bakery Shortenings
Peter's Chocolate®
PolarTex-Instant™ Instant Starch
PolarTex™ Modified Starch
Premier™ brand flake salts
Prolia™ Soy Flour
Prosante™ Plus Flavored Soy Flours
Prosante™ Textured Soy Flour
PulpTex™ Instant Starch
PulpTex™ Modified Starch
Regal® All Purpose Shortening
Regal® Cake & Icing Shortening
Regal® Donut Fry Shortening
Regal® Icing Shortening NH
Salioca™ Modified Starch
SaltWise® sodium reduction system
Satiagel™ Carrageenan
Satiagum™ Carrageenan
Satiaxane™ Xanthan Gum
SimPure™ functional native starches
StabiTex-Instant™ Instant Starch
StabiTex™ Modified Starch
Sunny Fresh®
Top-Flo® granulated salt
Topcithin™ Lecithin
TransAdvantage® Shortenings
Unipectine™ Pectin
Veliche Belgian Chocolate®
Viscogum™ Guar Gum
Viscogum™ Locust Bean Gum
Vitex™ Blends
Wilbur Chocolate®