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About Us

Today, we’re FrieslandCampina Ingredients. But we didn’t get here overnight. For decades we’ve been expanding our expertise, discovering new markets and applications from our innovative thinking, raising the bar for what can be in ingredient science. We’re here as a result of many trusted brands coming together, each bringing experts and insights in unique markets. Now those legacies are reflected in the relationships we’ve built, and the reputation we’ve earned in Early Life Nutrition, Cell Nutrition, Active Nutrition, Food & Beverages, Medical Nutrition and Performance Nutrition.
Organic OfferingsTrade Names

Organic Offerings

Organic offerings iconBatter & Breading • Binders • Casein & Caseinates • Fat/Oil Replacers • Foaming Agents • Gums, Gelling Agents • Milk Proteins • Milk Proteins, Hydrolyzed • Whipped Toppings, Non-Dairy • Whipping Agents

Trade Names

Biotis GOS
Excellion Calcium Caseinate
Excellion Sodium Caseinate
Hyvital Whey 8022
Micelate Prestige
NutraWhey Isolate
NutraWhey Native
Refit Milk Protein
Vivinal GOS