Arista Industries Inc.


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About Us

Arista Industries has been in business since 1930 supplying the Nutritional/Pharmaceutical, Food and Cosmetic/Personal Care Industries with top quality Marine & Vegetable Oils as well as Essential Oils, Organic Oils, Butters and Powder Form Oils. We offer superior ingredients with an excellent customer service team and stocking locations on both the east and west coasts. We welcome your inquiry and are happy to provide pricing, specifications and samples based on your requirements.
Organic OfferingsTrade Names

Organic Offerings

Organic offerings iconCannabis, Hemp • Fats, Vegetable • Oils, Essential • Oils, Grapeseed • Oils, Safflower • Oils, Vegetable, High Oleic • Oils, Vegetable, Olive • Oils, Vegetable, Other • Oils, Vegetable, Sesame • Oils, Vegetable, Sunflower

Trade Names

Atlantic Treasure
Pacific Treasure