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Plant and Dairy Proteins

October 21, 2020
Plant and Dairy Protein Options

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Plant Proteins

Farbest Brands offers a comprehensive range of pea protein, soy protein, and novel plant proteins such as rice protein, pumpkin protein, and chickpea protein. We have designed a plant protein product line that offers a diverse range of protein fortification options and functional proteins. All of our plant proteins are rigorously tested and audited to ensure that they are the finest quality and meet our customers’ high standards.

We proudly offer over eight different pea proteins—each with a unique value proposition. So, whether flavor, claims, or pricing is the key factor in a formulation, we have multiple options to offer. All our pea proteins offer at least 80% protein on dry basis and are Non-GMO, natural, vegan, low allergen, and are available in organic varieties. We offer pea proteins that are well suited for protein fortification in RTD beverages, powders and nutrition bars, and functional pea proteins with emulsification properties.

Our soy protein isolates all offer 90% protein content or higher and are Non-GMO. We offer low-gelling varieties that are designed for protein fortification in adult and infant nutrition, as well as high-gelling options that are excellent vegan meat analogues.

Dairy Cows Grazing

Dairy Proteins

Through worldwide strategic sourcing, Farbest offers the most comprehensive dairy protein product line on the market. Our dairy products are pasture-based, hormone-free, rBST-free, gluten-free, non-GMO, and certified Kosher and Halal. Our dairy protein offerings include caseinates, casein, whey protein, milk protein, and specialized dairy proteins like lactoferrin, lactoperoxidase, and colostrum.

Our comprehensive caseinate lineup includes sodium caseinate, calcium caseinate, instant calcium caseinate, calcium/sodium caseinate, potassium caseinate, and magnesium caseinate. We can offer caesinates as spray-dried, extruded, roller-dried, and granular varieties. Our caseinates offer up to 95% protein content and are ideal for use in nutrition bars, adult nutrition, dairy stabilizer systems, powdered beverages, meat analogues, savory applications, bakery, confection, and more.

We offer both whey protein concentrate (80%) and whey protein isolate (90%) as well as native whey protein isolates with up to 95% protein content. Our whey protein is sourced domestically and from Oceania, and can be offered with full grass-fed documentation. Our milk protein concentrates and isolates deliver the same unaltered ratio of casein to whey protein found in milk. Protein levels can range from 85% to 90%, and there are a number of different benefits. Milk protein is ideal for a wide variety of sports and adult nutrition applications.

Farbest acid casein is a free-flowing high-protein food ingredient isolated from fresh pasteurized skim milk. Acid casein has an excellent balance of essential amino acids, and is particularly well suited for use in protein bars and blending with other dairy proteins.

Gum Acacia

Gum acacia is the dried, gummy exudate from the stems and branches of Acacia Senegal or of other related African species of Acacia (Fam. Leguminosae). It is an excellent carrier for liquid beverage emulsions, spray-dried oil carrier, dietary fiber source, film-forming agent, and can serve many other applications. Our partner, Alland & Robert, sources its raw materials from wild acacia trees in Africa, or, for its USDA-certified organic line of gum acacia, from trees grown on organic plantations.

All of Alland & Robert’s products are non-GMO, Kosher, and Halal, and its facilities are certified BRC 7, HAACP, and ISO 9001. Alland & Robert anticipates opening its fourth spray-drying tower in early 2023, which will increase their total production capacity by 50%.