Marron Foods Inc.


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About Us

Marron Foods, a 40 year family operated company specializes in instantizing, dry blending, trial runs, product development and various types of packaging. Retail: Milkman Instant Lowfat Dry Milk. Ingredients: SlimMilk Instant Nonfat Dry Milk; Maltopure Instantized Maltodextrins; 90WheyUSA 90% IWPI; & 80WheyUSA, 80 IWPC. We instantize ingredients to your specifications, i.e. starches, gums, cocoa mixes, K-Cup blends, soup mixes/bases, meal replacers, breakfast beverages, puddings, and various other systems.
Trade Names

Trade Names

80WheyUSA, 90WheyUSA, SlimMilk, Maltopure
Marron Foods
Milkman Chocolate Milk with 18g Protein
Milkman Lowfat Dry Milk