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Vital Wheat Gluten
Our BENEOPro VWG® occurs naturally in all wheat and wheat-derived flours. It is obtained by washing the starch out of the wheat flour dough. Our plants produce BeneoPro VWG of high and reliable non-GMO quality. As multiple plants produce our high quality vital wheat gluten; we can ensure availability and a further capacity increase is likely over the coming years.

DAIRY Fat Reduction Ingredients

DAIRY Fat reduction ingredients
Consumers today are health conscious in their food choices; yet taste remains more important. Americans are taking fat under severe scrutiny: only 15% consider fat in general as healthful; bad ratings specifically go to trans- and saturated fats. New technical research shows low-fat desserts & snacks can be creamy & full bodied with specially designed functional ingredient recipes.

Functional Carbohydrates

Functional Carbohydrates
ISOMALT is the only sugar replacer made from pure beet sugar; that's toothfriendly and gives a natural sweet taste. It only has half the calories and offers a very low glycaemic response. Palatinose is the only fully but slowly digestible & low glycaemic carbohydrate. Due to the slow uptake it provides balanced and prolonged energy; reflected by a low and steady blood glucose response. It is derived from sucrose; has a mild natural taste and is toothfriendly.

Functional Fibers

Functional Fibers
BENEO functional fibres; Orafti® Inulin and Oligofructose are active prebiotic fibres from chicory root promoting the balance of the intestinal flora and the absorption of minerals such as calcium. Fibre in; fat out: our inulin is an ideal fat replacer and allows an easy incorporation in moist or semi-moist food categories. Fibre in; sugar out: With min. 30% of the sweetness of sucrose; our oligofructose is a natural sugar reducer to reduce calories and increase fibre content.

Gold Standard Fibers

Gold Standard Fibers
Over 20 years of nutrition research and 133 human intervention studies make our chicory root fibre one of the best researched fibres in the world. Go for a gold standard.

Specialty Rice Ingredients

Specialty Rice Ingredients
BENEO naturally derived Specialty Rice Ingredients improve body & mouthfeel; and give long-time crispy- or creaminess in low-fat foods; free from gluten or lactose. BENEO rice starch has a clean taste and a beneficial impact on texture; ranging from improved creaminess in fat-reduced dairy products; to increased crispiness of deep-fried snack products. BENEO rice flour is widely used in baby food like infant cereals thanks to the ease of digestion.

Trade Names

Orafti L90/L85 (oligofructose syrup)
Orafti® HP Gel
Orafti® HSI
Orafti® P95
Orafti® ST / GR / ST Gel
Orafti® Synergy 1 (oligofructose enriched inulin)
Remy Line™
Vital wheat gluten