Powered Aire Inc.


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Powered Aire Inc.
109 Mortensen Rd.
Greenville, PA, United States 16125
(888) 321-2473
(724) 588-3305
(724) 588-3371
  1. Phil Rodenbaugh
    (724) 321-2473
    Natl. Sales Mgr.

About Us

Powered Aire Inc. manufactures high-performance stainless steel Air Curtains for the food service industry. Meet health codes by preventing the entry of flying insects, conserve energy by stopping wind infiltration through open doorways, promote safety by keeping floors dry, and keep customers and employees comfortable with heat options. Protect all openings ranging from drive-thru windows to door openings 50 ft. high. Cold storage and Air Purification models are available.
Trade Names

Trade Names

Auto-PILOT Touchscreen Control™
CED Air Curtain
Chameleon Above-Ceiling Air Curtain™
ETD Climate Control Air Curtain
EVE (Elite Vestibule Exception)™
Freezer Aire Curtain™
Mini Power (MP) Air Curtain™
PTW Pass-Thru Window Air Curtain
RBT Sanitation Air Curtain
UVC-Aire air purification air curtain™