American Color Research Center Inc.


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American Color Research Center Inc.
1825 Sampson Ave.
Corina, CA, United States 92879
(888) 308-9988
(951) 735-2711
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About Us

American Color Research Center, Inc. (ACRC), a California based firm, was founded in of 2000. During its 15 years history, ACRC has won excellent reputation by its innovation in products and outstanding service. ACRC has proven itself a reliable supplier of natural colors for food, beverage and cosmetic applications. Now ACRC supplies a wide range of natural colors with superior quality to the whole World. We are not just "another supplier" of natural colors. We are different. As a research oriented company, ACRC devotes its energy to extended research developing natural colorants and has in-depth understanding of the nature and functionality of natural colors. As a result, we are able to make, not only those natural colorants currently available, but also those products with noble properties that are not available from the competition. ACRC is also service oriented and technology driven to design tailored formulas to suit your particular applications and functionality. We are not just a seller, we are a helper as well. We help customers in solving technical problems associated with coloring and enable customers successfully market their products with clean labels. We provide free samples. Try us! You will be pleasantly surprised. Our Mission Natural Colors, we make them better!