Braver Corp.


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About Us

Braver is a world class Latin American premium products supplier. We offer natural ingredients, agricultural commodities, bee products, animal proteins, vitamins, supplements, distilled beverages, high-end foods (such as specialty coffee, gourmet ice creams and organic fruit pulps), renewable energy and aviation fuels, green chemicals, heavy equipment, medicinal plants and so on. Our service portfolio includes trading, import and export, logistics engineering, sourcing and outsourcing, legal representation, customs management, supply chain project building, internationalization, tax optimization, local sales force enhancement, strategic planning, branding, and provision of technical information, among many others. Our management team is driven by a corporate excellence principle that aims to ensure customers the very best experience while dealing with our products and services. If you are looking for a strong partner to help your company unveiling the Latin American market, bring us your project and let us show you the way.
Trade Names

Trade Names