Bioriginal Food & Science Corp.

About Us

Bioriginal is a global leader in manufacturing natural nutritional foods, ingredients and supplements for food and beverage companies. Bioriginal has carved out a niche by scientifically combining ingredients from all over the world, directly from the source, to create innovative and efficacious solutions. Bioriginal's headquarters are in Saskatoon, Canada with facilities throughout the USA, Europe and Asia. Bioriginal is a member of the Cooke family of companies.
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Organic Offerings

Organic offerings iconCannabis Products, Vitamins, Minerals, Nutritional Ingredients • Flaxseed, Milled • Nutritional Lipids (Fats & Oils), Omega-3 Fatty Acids • Nutritional Lipids (Fats & Oils), Omega-6 Fatty Acids • Oils, Medium Chain Triglyceride • Oils, Vegetable, Coconut • Proteins & Peptides, Whey Protein Isolates • Whey Protein Concentrates and Isolates

Trade Names

BioPure DHA®
InstaMCT™ Coconut MCT Powder
LCO100™ MCT Oil
OmegaActiv® Fish Oil
OmegaPure® Fish Oil
SolaThin™ Potato Protein