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About Us

At FutureCeuticals, our mission is to deliver the highest quality fruit, vegetable, grain-based and customized ingredient solutions to our partners, making it easy for them to deliver on the consumer promise of healthy products. We provide a unique combination of agricultural expertise, manufacturing excellence and clinically researched ingredients unmatched in the industry. We know what it takes to develop premium ingredient solutions designed to meet the needs of our customers and make their products a success.
Organic OfferingsTrade Names

Organic Offerings

OrganicCaffeine • Freeze Dried Ingredients • Fruit Extracts • Vegetables, Freeze Dried • Vegetables, Powder

Trade Names

Coffeeberry® Cascara From An Upcycled Superfruit
Coffeeberry® Energy Organic Coffee Fruit Caffeine
CognatiQ® Natural Support for Brain Health
Dermaval® Supports Collagen from Within
FruiteX-B® Calcium Fructoborate
NatureKnit™ Polyphenol Fiber Matrix
Phyto-C® Superfood Immunity Protection
PhytoServ® Phytonutrient Servings
S7® Nitric Oxide Booster
Spectra® Antioxidant Action. Not Just Potential.
TruServ® Organic Whole Food Servings
Udderly Oats™ Organic Oat Milk Powder
elevATP® Strength. Power. Performance.