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Asian Cuisine: Intricate, Sophisticated, and Genuine

Prerequisites for product creation in this category include focusing on the molecular makeup of ingredients, and the processes that will be deployed in manufacturing
Today’s consumer recognizes that Asian Cuisine is made of a complex web of interrelated relationships of molecular compounds, ingredients, cooking methods and techniques within cultural contexts that are at the same time unique and similar in resulting flavor experiences.
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Hot Stuff: Red Jalapeno Puree, Peppers Remain on Trend

Cooking sauces represent a convenient alternative to creating recipes from scratch
Prepared cooking sauces remain popular for consumers and represent a $190 million category; up +6% versus prior year (Nielsen: Total U.S. x AOC 52 Weeks Ending 4/25/20). With exception of 2020’s shelter-in-place, Americans are spending less time preparing meals at home and cooking sauces represent a convenient alternative to creating recipes from scratch.
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New Beverages Leverage Flavor to Deliver Enhanced Experiences, Functional Benefits and Global Adventure

The holistic health and wellness movement has been a key driver in evolving flavor preferences
Consumer palates are becoming more adventurous and sophisticated. The holistic health and wellness movement has been a key driver in evolving flavor preferences because consumers are more willing to try ingredients with inherently functional benefits. To create a health halo around products, brands are incorporating fresh fruit flavors, botanicals and superfoods into beverages.
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Consumer Appetite for Beef and Other Animal Proteins Remains Strong

The variety of cuts available in the grocery store has dwindled over the years because most consumers know less and less about the animals they consume
There is a massive demand for protein and many product developers are turning to beef to meet the demand. As with the rest of the food industry, the meat industry is evolving to meet new consumer needs and preferences in this increasingly globalized economy.
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AI and cybersecurity

AI, machine learning and cybersecurity

Machine learning and AI help processors outsmart cybercriminals

Technology companies are employing AI/ML techniques to deter nefarious actors, but users still need to exercise common sense in defending their industrial control systems.

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When automation projects need special attention and ASAP delivery, a one-stop SI delivers

Two uniquely different cases show how an adept system integrator can build customized equipment and lines not available off the shelf

Increasing production speed while keeping rejects low and quality consistent—and maintaining food safety—is the goal of every food and beverage processor. Today, many food processors look toward automation to provide the solutions needed to attain the necessary throughput to be competitive.

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Automated coding and labeling helps improve California rice product manufacturer’s process

Farmers’ Rice Cooperative implemented AutoCoding Systems’ coding and packaging verification solution to its ERP system, which helped meet operational goals.

Farmers’ Rice Cooperative (FRC), a grower-owned rice cooperative located in Sacramento, produces an average of 750,000 packs of rice per month in 26 different variations, 51 different packaging options and 43 different size options.

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Automating production at marine algae omega-3 oil facility

When Veramaris upgraded its systems and processes, it needed to maintain output while meeting quality, production standards

Veramaris, a $200-million joint venture, upgraded its systems and processes to produce omega-3 oil from marine algae—all the while needing to maintain output and meet quality and production standards.

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Building Flavor on Fluid Foundations

Taking Stock: Stocks, bases, and sauces provide rich opportunity to construct complex flavor
Stock is defined as a cooking liquid that is flavored by simmering animal bones and/or meat, fish, in water or wine with vegetables typically comprised of onion, celery, and carrots (also known as mirepoix) and sometimes other vegetables (or vegetables alone) until a desired flavor is achieved. The classic stock flavorings are beef, chicken, fish, and vegetable/mushroom/miso, and each type finds itself at various stages of use on today’s menus.
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Sweetener Blends Continue to Expand and Become More Nuanced

The Sweet Life: What does the sweetener landscape look like as we enter the third decade of the 21st century?
The 2019 International Food Information Council (IFIC) Food and Health Survey reported that limiting or reducing sugar in the diet, along with eating more fruits and vegetables, topped the dietary changes consumers were making. Of those surveyed that year, 38% said they followed some sort of special diet. Of that number, 80% declared some intention to limit or avoid sugars in the diet.
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