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Switching to Healthier Oils and Fats Takes Precedence

Many processors are switching to recently developed high-oleic versions of popular and inexpensive oils and shortenings
Vegetable oils still lead the field over animal-based fats when it comes to new food oil developments. Perceived as healthier in that they contain more unsaturated fatty acids, they have faced challenges when it comes to cooking or baking, as they are not normally robust at the high temperatures needed in heat processing.
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New Varieties of Fats and Oils Promise to Solve Product Development Challenges, Boost Nutrition

Optimizing texture and flavor in plant-based meat alternatives is driving innovation in product development
The explosion of plant-based meat and dairy analogs has created a paradigm shift in the ways food product developers are considering fats and oils. There’s plenty of innovation around plant-based meat alternatives, especially as they expand beyond burgers, sausages, and poultry into mimics of bacon, pork, and even such highly specific items as turkey burgers.
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American Egg Board: Clean Label Emulsification

Egg yolks, nature’s emulsifier, play critical, clean label role in formulation
Sauces, dressings, and condiments, such as mayonnaise, benefit in obvious ways from the emulsifying properties of the egg yolk. While it is easy to observe the importance of a stable emulsion in mayonnaise or a dressing where one can witness the battle between immiscible liquids (typically water and fat) as they strive to separate from each other, emulsifiers play an important although less obvious role in other formulations.
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Q&A with David Bezenyei, Columbus Vegetable Oils

Discussing condiment, sauce and dressing trends with a food executive
Prepared Foods talks dips, sauces and condiment trends with David Bezenyei, sales manager, Columbus Vegetable Oils. Based in Des Plaines, Ill., Columbus Vegetable Oils produces a wide range of sauces, dressings, condiments and oils for private label and contract manufacturing customers. Likewise, it supplies a Butcher Boy sauce line to foodservice operators.
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Increased Frequency of Natural Gums, Hydrocolloids in Food & Beverage Applications

Manufacturers have taken advantage of expanded forms and sources of gums and technology that can increase functional ranges
Gums and hydrocolloids are a diverse collection of polysaccharides that create gel-like formations when in contact with moisture. They are extremely versatile, improving texture, mouthfeel, and physical appearance in foods and beverages. Gums can be used to increase viscosity levels or benefit flow. They are especially prized for increasing stability in an ingredient matrix.
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Flours & Starches

Today's flours and starches are not the same old grind
The global demand for clean-label ingredients has more than 60% of Americans believing natural products are better for them, according to researchers at The Hartman Group. And more than half of Americans claim they are actively seeking “natural” ingredients when shopping for food products.
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Hardworking Gums and Fibers

Functional gums and fibers are meeting new trends and consumer demands
As consumers seek healthier options and greater convenience in prepared and packaged foods, gums and fibers are receiving new recognition as important ingredients for health and biological functions as well as stability and texture. Fibers and gums often provide added health benefits — including improvements in blood sugar regulation, weight loss, and gut health — while lending texture and structure to foods and beverages.
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The Latest on Current Sources, Future Applications of Gums & Fibers

World of Gums and Fibers: Ingredient technologists and product developers are discovering that some ingredients are revealing valued nutritional attributes in a range of food products
The “clean label” trend is increasing the reliance on natural gums and fibers for stability, functional properties, quality, and safety. In the process of researching them further, ingredient technologists and product developers are discovering that some of these ingredients are revealing new and highly valued nutritional attributes in a range of food products.
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Bulk bag handling for humanitarian food relief

Breedlove Foods Inc. increases its shelf-stable packages for humanitarian food relief with an automated bulk handling system from Flexicon

Breedlove installed an automated bulk handling system that boosted production of its Lentil and Vegetable Blend product more than sevenfold while improving worker safety.

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AK Pizza Crust

Document management helps increase efficiency

When AK Pizza Crust needed to improve its accounts payable process as its business grew, it turned to The Priton Group LLC for a solution.

Rapid growth at AK Pizza Crust increased demand on its accounts payable process. They turned to The Priton Group for a solution.

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