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The Power of Immunity

Nutritional modulation of the immune system may help reduce or delay the onset of diseases
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FOOD ENGINEERING’s 45th annual plant construction survey

Supply chain issues continue to impact project planning and construction.

The current supply chain is still reeling from instability caused by the pandemic, resulting in a shortage of transportation, materials and labor. Consequently, food and beverage companies are feeling the direct effects of supply chain issues when planning and constructing new facilities or expanding their existing plants.

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Complacency can lead to cross-contamination
Food Safety

Complacency can lead to cross-contamination

A solid plan and trained employees can help prevent costly cross-contamination at food processing plants.

With loads of ingredients coming in, being stored, transported, processed and packaged, there are a number of ways for cross-contamination to occur at food manufacturing plants. Imagine a delivery of carrots entering a facility. 

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