Gold Coast Ingredients Inc.

About Us

Gold Coast Ingredients is a privately held and operated, wholesale flavor and color manufacturer located in Commerce, California. With us you will find Organic, Natural, Non-GMO, Allergen-Free and other flavors available as liquids, powders, powder encapsulations, emulsions and advanced extractions. Our flavors are compatible with any product requirements.
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Organic Offerings

Organic offerings iconColors, Natural, Annatto • Colors, Natural, Betaine (Beet) • Colors, Natural, Others • Colors, Natural, Turmeric • Extract, Flavoring • Flavor Enhancers, Combinations • Flavorings, Natural • Flavorings, Natural, Masking • Flavors, Berry • Flavors, Butter • Flavors, Caramel

Trade Names

Flavor Fusion
Quintessential Savory Flavors