About Us

AIDP, Inc. is an industry leader in developing and sourcing innovative ingredients for the health, functional food and beverage industries. AIDP has developed an expertise in providing premium, research-based ingredients that meet consumer demand for wellness and healthy lifestyles as well as solving formulation challenges for manufacturers. AIDP's ingredient portfolio features unique branded ingredients for cognition, digestive health, botanicals, sustainably sourced clean label ingredients including a complete line of plant proteins. Our functional foods ingredients can be used in alternative meats, vegan and liquid formats. We deliver good health through clean ingredients.

Trade Names

Advantein™ Rice & Pea Protein
PeasiPro™ Pea Protein
PreticX® Prebiotic
RisaPro™ Rice Protein
enVantec Microencapsulation®
vK2™Vitamin K2