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About Us

Florida Food Products, Inc. (FFP) has offered a portfolio of healthy, naturally sourced plant-based food and beverage ingredient solutions for over 65 years. Based in Eustis, Florida, FFP has extensive manufacturing capabilities including extraction, fermentation, drying, and blending technologies, with vegetable juice concentrate and functional food ingredient production facilities in Eustis, Florida and premium brewed tea, coffee and botanicals in John's Creek, Georgia, Vista, California and Eugene, Oregon and flavors in Melville, New York . Today, FFP is committed to providing innovative clean label solutions that naturally provide exceptional food protection, flavor, color, texture and nutrition for a variety of applications, including processed and cured meat, beverages, plant-based, health and wellness, culinary, and pet nutrition. FFP believes in improving the food and beverages we eat and drink with ingredients from nature that work. Learn more about how FFP's natural ingredients can help elevate your next food or beverage while meeting the needs of today's and tomorrow's consumer at www.floridafood.com.
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Organic Offerings

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Juice Dry™
Veg Blend™
Veg Con™
Veg Dry™
Veg Stable®
Veg Stable® Plus


Florida Food Products
3851 Lakefield Dr., John's Creek, GA, 30024 US
(770) 772-6360, floridafood.com
Anthony Colallilo, acolallilo@floridafood.com

Florida Food Products
130 Baylis Road, Melville, NY, 11747 US
(800) 992-0629, www.floridafood.com
Bill Graham, bgraham@floridafood.com