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About Us

Founded in 1939, IFC Solutions is an SQF Certified specialty ingredient blending and distribution company. Product lines include: FOOD COLORS, NATURAL, FD&C, ORGANIC or PEARLESCENT Colorants - Available in Liquid, Paste and Powder formats. RELEASE / ANTI-STICK PRODUCTS FOR FOOD PROCESSING, Prevent food and ingredients from sticking to contact surfaces during the manufacturing process. SPECIALTY LECITHINS, Allergen-Free, Non-GMO and Certified Organic in Liquid and Powder formats. ORGANIC and NATURAL COLORS & INGREDIENTS, Custom blended to your specifications. CONTRACT INGREDIENT BLENDING, We offer custom blending of FDA approved ingredients to produce Liquid, Paste or Powder blends to our customers' specifications.
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Organic Offerings

Anti-Stick Agents • Carotenoids, Beta-Carotene, Synthesized • Coatings, Confectionery • Coatings, Edible, (Release) • Coatings, Waxes • Color Dispersant • Colors, Annatto • Colors, Black Carrot • Colors, Caramel • Colors, Carotenoids • Colors, Curcumin/Turmeric Oleoresin • Colors, Dyes, Certified • Colors, Lakes, Certified • Colors, Natural • Colors, Natural, Annatto • Colors, Natural, Anthocyanics (Purple Sweet Potato) • Colors, Natural, Anthocyanins • Colors, Natural, Anthocyanins (Elderberry) • Colors, Natural, Anthocyanins (Grape Skin) • Colors, Natural, Beet Root • Colors, Natural, Beta-Carotene • Colors, Natural, Betaine (Beet) • Colors, Natural, Carmine • Colors, Natural, Carotenoids, Beta-Carotene • Colors, Natural, Carotenoids, Lycopene • Colors, Natural, Elderberry • Colors, Natural, Grape Skin • Colors, Natural, Other • Colors, Natural, Others • Colors, Natural, Paprika • Colors, Natural, Purple Sweet Potato • Colors, Natural, Red Raddish • Colors, Natural, Tomato Extract • Colors, Natural, Turmeric • Colors, Red Cabbage • Colors, Synthetic • Emulsifiers, Combinations • Emulsifiers, Lecithin, Bleached • Emulsifiers, Lecithin, Unbleached • Lecithin

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